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Melissa McErlane

Melissa McErlane

BSC(hons), Mcoptom


Melissa is originally from Northern Ireland and is a very experienced practitioner, she joined Haig Brown at the beginning of 2017 following roles at Boots Opticians and Dolland & Aitchison. She studied for her Optometry degree at UMIST (The University of Manchester) and graduated in 2005 with a BSc (Hons) degree.

In her role as an Optometrist she carries out tailored and thorough eye examinations, assesses patient’s correction needs, checks the health of their eyes and deals with all general ocular healthcare. Melissa particularly enjoys the fact that at Haig-Brown this is done using very specialist, modern technology enabling her to easily liaise with Hospital Ophthalmologists in shared care of patients, she feels this allows her patient care to be at the highest level.

Melissa also fits contact lenses, provides aftercare for current wearers and specialises in the anterior eye. Her special interest is in contact lenses for presbyopic patients (those that need correction for both near and far vision). 

Melissa is a very caring individual and excels at customer service and communication.

She currently also works part time as a Professional Affairs Consultant for Johnson & Johnson Visioncare, this role sees her traveling the country to teach other Optometrists about soft contact lenses.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys cycling, dancing and exploring new places.